Merchandising is a retailing product with an intuitive, powerful web-based interface that enables airlines to design, personalize, and retail optional services. This product is designed to function seamlessly as a standalone service or integrated with your existing shopping systems. It empowers airlines to offer an expansive range of flight-related services beyond just the basic seat, enhancing the traveler's experience and boosting revenue. This product is compatible with ATPCO optional services and can extend these services to provide users with additional options and advanced flexibility.

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NDC-compliant and can be used and managed via API calls
Enables personalization of requests according to baggage charge, service bundles and price requests
Supports pre-reserved seat service pricing in the service catalog and can price the entire seat map
Merchandising Web UI is used for viewing, modifying, create rich content data and bundling of the existing ATPCO services
Non-ATPCO data is supported by the possibility to create ancillaries directly in the system
Control which channels a service is distributed for sales
Create and offer numerous combinations of bundle offers and integrate them into your shopping and pricing flow

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