Group SalesOptimizer(GSO)

Group Sales Optimizer (GSO) is an end-to-end group revenue management and sales solution powered by dynamic pricing. With GSO, airlines can manage group bookings, pricing, contracts, and policies in one location and across all users including travel agents, sales, and revenue management. This degree of automation allows sales teams to be more efficient and process more group requests, meaning more business and incremental group revenue. Compatible with Sabre & Altea.

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Automate quoting, booking, approval process, and ticketing across all channels including Travel Agents and direct sales through intuitive and easy workflows
Manage bookings, contracts in one area for quick PNR changes and efficient notification management.
Enable management of group policies in a central location for transparency and control across Sales and Revenue Management.
Leverage science-based dynamic pricing to product revenue optimal quotes based on up-to-date data in real time
Continually enhance pattern recognition with advanced machine learning

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