Low FareCalendar(Outbound)

A useful travel tool for travelers with a transactional mindset looking for lowest fares. It is a graphically appealing and easy-to-use calendar widget displaying fares in a monthly view, it helps the user decides on the best days based on the available fares. - Available Filters: Origin City, Destination City, and Flight Type.

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FeaturesLow Fare Calendar (Outbound)

Why chooseLow Fare Calendar (Outbound)

Launch at scale
Embeddable across all placements (core website & airTRFX).
Large Layout
Monthly view to help the traveler conversion while displaying the lowest fares available.
Quick Conversion
Shorten traveler's decision-making by offering key data for purchases.
Anytime, anywhere access across all devices.
Engaging & Effective
Transactional visualization.
Standard Filters
A variety of filters allowing to tailor the traveler's search to their needs.
Routes Promotion
Allow the airline to promote the best prices for a specific route over the next "X" days across their route list.
Marketing Campaigns
URL Parameters support personalize the module's content to tailor travel interests for marketing promotions.