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The Fare Refresher - Basic Edition allows Airlines to enable on-demand data collection for a selected route list, date range, and currency. The on-demand data collection can be automated to be run daily, or can be configured for a selected period of time. The product allows airlines to submit one, or many, sets of routes, each with unique configurations. The Fare Refresher leverages EveryMundo’s FareNet pixel and Deep Link service to simulate searches within a customer’s Booking Engine. This has no impact to tracking metrics, as all tracking and unnecessary data is not loaded. The Basic Edition has a max number of requests allowed per day. Airlines can utilize the product to support low-volume searched routes and refresh prices prior, or post, upcoming promotions they may have.

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FeaturesThe Fare Refresher - Basic Edition

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The Fare Refresher helps to provide consistent fare availability
The Fare Refresher can ensure data is updated on a regular basis to improve fare accuracy

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