Demand byDestinationandDepartureMonthDashboard

RM managers use the data to ensure proper RM controls are set during outlying periods. They cross-check outliers with event data and adjust forecasts to reflect underlying demand. Marketers use the data to develop a content strategy for destination marketing, informed by trends in searches.

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FeaturesDemand by Destination and Departure Month Dashboard

Why chooseDemand by Destination and Departure Month Dashboard

Capitalize on outliers
By leveraging insights from demand and booking outliers, businesses can optimize their strategies to better serve their customers and stay ahead of competitors.
Understand markets
Analyze specific market characteristics by looking at customer behavior, preferences, and trends in demand and bookings.
Optimize pricing
Demand and booking insights by departure date allow for better pricing strategies and tactics to meet customer demand while maximizing profits.
Drive demand
Add demand influences to motivate travel bookings for specific dates where demand is low by tailoring offerings and promotions to encourage bookings.