A comprehensive Search Engine Marketing suite of tools designed to streamline SEM efforts and boost direct channel sales. airSEM comes with four built-in tools to build high performance SEM campaigns: airOptimizer, routeOptimizer, airPromo and airBLDR. These tools enables users to build an unlimited number of campaigns and promotions while using AI-powered bidding to ensure the best ROI. Target any market with multilingual support in 30+ languages, multi-currency formats, and a keyword library of best performing keyword patterns.

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Self Service
Create and manage SEM campaigns with minimal technical support
Easy to Use
Easily create, save, and schedule an unlimited number of promotions, streamlining your marketing efforts and enhancing campaign flexibility.
Industry-Specific Solution
Leverage airline-specific automated portfolio bidding to tailor your SEM efforts specifically to the needs of the aviation industry.
Cutting-edge Technology
Benefit from best-in-class SEM technology driven by AI-powered bidding strategies, ensuring efficiency and maximizing ROI for paid search advertisements.
Direct Channel Growth
Places ads in front of customers at different stages of the marketing funnel for instant impressions & conversions leading directly to your landing pages
Global Campaigns
Global dictionary of geographic locations including airport codes, cities, and countries, including synonyms and variations. Multilingual support in 30+ languages.
Keyword Library
Updated keyword library of best performing keyword patterns.
Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.WCAG 2.0 - AA Compliance.
Cross-browser support
Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.