Explore the Enhanced Fare Finder Map with Personalized Features

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Martina Ventura
July 24, 2023
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The Fare Finder Map is the perfect tool for finding the lowest fares and discovering destinations. Its latest feature updates provide travelers with a more personalized, seamless, and inspiring booking experience than ever before.

New Feature: Infinite Map

This new feature brings a substantial improvement to the display of your network and enhances the overall user experience while exploring destinations.

Launch at Scale: The Infinite Vectorial Map is the new standard map experience and has been automatically rolled out for all Map implementations.

Overall Benefits of the New Fare Finder Map:

  • Seamless navigation: Experience smooth navigation across the map, allowing you to zoom in and out, pan, and explore different areas effortlessly. 
  • Future-proof: By continually evolving our partner-supported solutions and their adaptability, this new solution is prepared to meet evolving market demands, ensuring long-term sustainability and relevance. 
  • Improved performance: The new map solution is optimized for performance, delivering fast loading times and responsive interactions, even when dealing with large datasets. 

More Premium Features for an Elevated Travel Search Experience 

Personalize Filters using the URL Parameters

We believe in delivering a tailored experience, and our personalized filters feature does just that. By incorporating parameters in the URL, we can prepopulate 13 filters, including origin, budget, and travel class, to provide a customized experience. 

url p.jpeg

Advanced Filtering Options

Tailor your traveler’s search experience with a variety of premium filters. Whether travelers have specific travel interests, prefer a particular travel class, or want to limit the number of stops, our advanced filters will help them find the perfect flight. Travelers can also select their preferred flight type and date range for even more control over their search results.

filtering options.gif


Multiple Redemption Units

For loyalty travelers, airlines can offer the flexibility to book flights using cash, miles, or points. Market your rewards program and make it easy for travelers to choose how they want to book their flight.

AC Points Map


Showcase Your Route List

Display a comprehensive overview of your destination network even when no origin is selected. With a glance, travelers can explore all the exciting destinations you offer, making it easier to plan their next adventure.

route list.png


Select Map Mode

EveryMundo understands the importance of branding, and airlines can select the map mode that aligns best with their preferences and style. Customize your Fare Finder Map to make it uniquely yours!

map modes.png


Choose a Fare Tool-Tip Size

Enhance user experience by selecting the tool-tip size that suits your needs. Whether you prefer a compact display or a more detailed tooltip, we have you covered.

tool size.jpeg


Highlight a Target Region

Maximize your marketing efforts by highlighting specific regions you want to promote. With this feature, you can choose to keep the targeted region in the center of the map, providing a focused and engaging experience for potential travelers.

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 1.25.52 PM.png

Cluster Nearby Locations

We know that dense areas can make navigation a bit overwhelming. To optimize the map's real estate and improve usability, we have introduced cluster functionality. Now, nearby destinations will be grouped together, simplifying your customer’s exploration.

cluster nearby locations.jpeg


Integrate Travel Requirements

Keep travelers informed and let them plan their trip with confidence by integrating travel requirements. Airlines can provide essential information to ensure travelers have the latest updates on entry restrictions, vaccination requirements, and any other relevant travel guidelines.

Start using the Fare Finder Map and provide your customers with a better search experience! 

Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information about how to implement this update. 


Yes, it does! All existing variations (and new) are supported.
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