FareNet and Fare Refresher: The key for Real-Time Fare Collection

September 19, 2023
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In an industry where real-time data is not just an advantage but a necessity, fare, and flight information forms the crux of user engagement and sales. That's where FareNet® and Fare Refresher come into the picture, revolutionizing how airlines collect and display fare information. 

The Current Situation: Search-based Fare Collection 


FareNet offers an innovative solution for self-reliant fare and flight information collection and dissemination. Serving as the backbone of EveryMundo Products, it provides real-time data by directly integrating with users' searches in the airline booking engine. This not only enhances user experience but also streamlines operations, eliminating the need for extra API calls. Furthermore, FareNet prioritizes user privacy by not collecting any personal identifiable information (PII). This efficient model ensures that fare availability is exclusively tuned to individual searches conducted within the airline booking engine, making it a highly specialized and user-centric system. 

However, Low-search-volume routes could lack fare availability on the airTRFX pages and prevent showing fare options. Fares can constantly change due to Revenue Management decisions, needing to ensure fares are updated through new manual searches. 


The Solution: Fare Refresher 

Fare Refresher complements FareNet data by simulating user searches to collect fares and dates that users might not be actively searching for. The process requires no IT involvement, making it an easily implementable solution. It allows for a more comprehensive fare availability, resulting in better user experience and potentially increased conversion rates. 

FareNet + Fare Refresher: The Benefits 



Fare completion for all days, markets, and currencies 

  • Amount of fare data points stored before the Refresher


  • Amount of fare data points stored with the Refresher

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 3.52.48 AM.png

How does it work? 

The Fare Refresher functions via a straightforward integration process: 


Implementation Requirements 

  •  Complete the Fare Refresher questionnaire. 
  • FareNet assessment by EveryMundo:  
    • Airline uses FarNet single-code dynamic script version 
    • FareNet should be firing and collecting fare data only in first step of the Flight Results Page 
    • No additional human interactions are needed to fire FareNet.
  • Whitelist EveryMundo’s IPs in the airline Booking Engine. 
    • Miami Office IP: 
    • DataCore VPC IP/MASK: 
    • Pritunl VPN: 
  • If needed, EveryMundo will update the current FareNet script to enable the refresher. 
  • Set up the Fare Refresher settings and campaigns. 

Setting up the Fare Refresher is surprisingly simple, thanks to a Google Spreadsheet-based configuration. You can easily define: 

  • Route Campaigns: Combinations of origin and destination routes, along with the number of searches per route, cycle lengths, and more. 


  • Site Edition: used for Deep Link (controls currency) 
  • First Departure Date: Includes a Static Date Option or a Rolling Date option. If setting a rolling date, a set Number is used that is counted as X number of days from the Start Date of the Refresher Lambda. Alternatively, a static Date can be used for the same departure date throughout. 
  • Cycles: N of searches per Route (determines the amount of fares collected) 
  • Cycle Length in Days: Length in days between cycles (will set departure dates, following the first set by Days Ahead) 
  • Round-trip Lengths: Trip Types and Trip Duration (Example: One way, Each way, Round trip) 
  • Totals: Calculates the number of deep-link requests (Frequency = Searches x Routes) 

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 3.58.19 AM.png
  • Refresher Schedule: Configure when the Fare Refresher will run, how often, and other settings like the time zone. 
    • Start Date: First-day Fare Refresher will run  
    • End Date: Last day Fare Refresher will run 
    • Time: The start time in the time zone defined by the airline 
    • Frequency in hours: How often it will run (within the bounds of the Start Date and End Date and beginning at the Time specified) 
    • Sheet: Associates Route List to Settings (Route Campaign Sheet Name that should be targeted) 
    • Enabled: Turns on / off (overwrites Start and End Dates) 

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 4.03.31 AM.png

Next Steps 

  • Complete the Fare Refresher questionnaire. 
  • Provide at least one Route Campaign. 
  • Schedule the official kick-off call with your IBE expert and marketing team to go through any necessary FareNet changes, get training on the Fare Refresher, and provide contact information for updates or errors. 

By implementing the synergistic capabilities of FareNet and Fare Refresher, airlines can seamlessly cater to a more extensive range of user searches, thereby providing a richer user experience and bolstering conversion rates. It's not just a technological shift; it's a paradigm shift in how airlines approach fare collection and user engagement. 

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