Maximize Your Travel Recommendations: Geolocation for Personalized Fares

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Martina Ventura
April 17, 2024
2 min read

Generic travel recommendations are now a part of the past. We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest premium feature: Geolocation. This groundbreaking addition to our Offer Marketing Product Suite is set to redefine how travelers interact with flight recommendations. Let's delve into how Geolocation works and how it can transform their experience. 


What is Geolocation? 

Geolocation allows users to show personalized content based on the traveler's or device's location using the closest airport location. You can now offer your travelers a seamless flight search experience, by landing on your website and instantly seeing flight options tailored to airports nearest to them. 

Seamless Integration with PROS Offer Marketing Products 

⁠The Geolocation feature seamlessly integrates with our Offer Marketing Product Suite. With minimal effort, you can elevate your travel offerings to new heights. Our platform effortlessly incorporates Geolocation data into existing templates and modules, ensuring a hassle-free deployment across various touchpoints, from airTRFX pages to externalized module placements. 

How Does Geolocation Work? 

Geolocation operates simply by providing travelers with relevant recommendations without compromising privacy. Here's how it works: 

  • User Consent: We prioritize user privacy. Geolocation only activates after users consent directly through their browser. Rest assured, we don't save any user data. 

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  • Precision Deployment: Once licensed, Geolocation doesn't just stop at the homepage. It automatically extends to various touchpoints, including to-city, to-country, from-country, and custom pages. Geolocation ensures personalized recommendations every step of the way: pricing modules, including the Flight Search Panel, dynamic price airModules, Fare Finder map, and more.  

Geolocation in Action 

Let's take a closer look at how Geolocation enhances your customer’s travel experience: 

  • airTRFX Integration: With Geolocation, airTRFX instances automatically trigger personalized recommendations based on location. From booking masks to interactive maps, every element is tailored to your nearest origin airport within a 100-mile radius. 

  • Externalized Modules: Geolocation isn't limited to our platform; it extends to externalized airModules on your core-site. With a simple consent pop-up, users can enjoy personalized fare recommendations that are seamlessly integrated into your website. 

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Ready to Take Off? Get Started! 

To enable geolocation, please contact your customer success manager, and they'll guide you through the licensing and setup process. 

Say goodbye to generic recommendations and hello to tailored travel adventures. Join us as we revolutionize the way you travel with PROS. 

As we conclude, it's clear that Geolocation is a powerful addition to our Offer Marketing Product Suite, enhancing its already impressive array of personalization capabilities. With support for URL Parameters, Module-level configurations, Page Context, and now the inclusion of Geolocation, we're empowering businesses to tailor their offerings with unprecedented precision. 

We follow the Geolocation API approach. This feature is supported by most web browsers and enables websites to request and obtain the user's precise location in terms of latitude and longitude coordinates. When a website requests the user's location using the Geolocation API, the browser prompts the user to grant permission. If the user consents, the browser determines the user's location using available methods and provides this information through the Geolocation API.
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