Custom Pages Generate Millions in Revenue

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Martina Ventura
July 19, 2023
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Custom Pages can display any content a brand wants to promote, including real-time prices for themed travel, events, sales, and key information. These pages take only a few seconds to deploy, are ideal to use in marketing campaigns, paid search and are optimized to perform in search engines for selected keywords. 

With airTRFX, marketers can create an unlimited number of Custom Pages with real-time prices to cover any trending search keywords, like “weekend deals”, “ski destinations” and more. Prices on these pages are updated in real-time based on availability and campaign parameters you customize. These pages make booking easy and can be used in emails, social media, and display ads to drive transactional website traffic.  

Examples of custom pages:

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 3.20.22 PM.png

Proven Revenue Generation

The uses for airTRFX Custom Pages are limitless, just like the revenue they can generate.  We looked at some of the most popular themes for custom pages and tracked their revenue for one year and found that these Custom Pages amounted to almost $9 million in revenue for our airlines.

Note that this is only a portion of the revenue captured by Custom Pages, the revenue generated through all Custom Pages is even higher. Below are the results when we look at 2022 revenue from popular Custom Page categories: 

Sum of Revenue# of URLsAnnual Revenue per Custom Page

Flight Deals




Inflight Products and Entertainment




Flights to States












Regional Flights




Seasonal Discounts




Route Map








Ticket Types




Flights to Places








Grand Total



As you can see, there are a variety of Custom Page themes, but they all generate revenue as long as they include booking functionality. For example, one of our airline's Custom Pages for route maps generated $215,760+ annually and airlines that created Custom Pages for their inflight offers made the highest average revenue at $427,465 per page.  The total Revenue displayed is calculated only for these specific Custom Pages created.

Coming next: Custom Pages Dashboard 

Marketers will be able to monitor the performance of their Custom Pages using the Custom Pages Dashboard. Once logged into airTRFX Control, you will see the Custom Pages Dashboard and track the performance of all of your Custom Pages. You will be able to use it to monitor the number of Page Views and Searches Initiated, as well as tools that provide data-driven recommendations to assist you in making the best use of your Custom Pages. 


  • Track Page Traffic: Get data on how many pages views your channel campaigns combined drive to the Custom Pages. 
  • See Searches Initiated: See what type of content drives the most interactions that lead to increased conversions.

  • Get Customized Recommendations: Find recommendations on what type of Custom Pages to create and when to deploy them for the best results. This is based on your page performance and data and is constantly renewing.

Unleash Your Marketing Potential

Marketing teams are able to launch custom pages for any campaign in seconds. With fully customizable layouts and built-in price visualizations, creative teams can achieve their design and functionality goals with a few clicks. Create campaigns around travel trends, themes, and events using custom pages to display the best real-time offers for popular search terms.

See how our customers are increasing conversions with Custom Pages:

“airTRFX enables us to be extremely nimble in the type of pages we can create. For example, our network planning team noticed there’s a lot of traffic going to national parks. We were able to have (National Park) pages ready, have content ready, and then have that available for customers to actually land on in a matter of minutes.”

Sadia Khan

Director of Digital Marketing & Demand Generation, United


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