Increase Direct Sales with Vacation Packages

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Martina Ventura
August 28, 2023
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Boost Your Direct Sales Strategy and Revenue by Enhancing the Visibility of Your Vacation Packages 

Airlines can attract travelers looking to book their next trip by displaying the best prices for their vacation packages. Both dynamic airline fares and hotel rates are visible in booking widget making it easy to promote another revenue stream for your company.

airTRFX for vacation packages enables airline marketers to generate landing pages with dynamic prices in all languages and currencies they cover, for all their destinations and hotels. These pages include engaging content, interactive airModules, and campaign automation capabilities and are SEO-optimized.

airModules for Vacation Packages 

The airModule Builder makes creating airModules for vacation packages fast and easy. Each airModule can be built based on a route or a property (hotel):


Module Type: Route

Marketers can customize which routes appear in their airModules. These routes will appear in the order they are selected, and you can include up to 20 routes per airModule!

The number of offers per route selection is the setting that represents how many offers will display for each route selection; the maximum value for this field depends on the number of route selections.


Module Type: Hotels

Marketers have the option to select specific hotels to show in their airModules. Marketers can choose which properties are displayed, including up to 100 hotels per airModule.

The number of offers per route selection is the setting that represents how many offers will be displayed for each hotel. The maximum value for this field depends on the number of hotel selections.


Note: To start creating Hotel type pricing airModules for your airTRFX pages, hotels must be added by hotel ID (separated by a comma). Hotel IDs can be found in the Hotel Dashboard, located in the Data Insights of the airTRFX Insights section.

airModules for vacation packages come in a variety of designs, including Grids, Carousels, and Tables:

Packages Grid:

Packades GRID.png

Packages Carousel:

Packages Carousel.png

Packages Table:

Packages TABLE.png

Choose either a static or dynamic date range display for the selected routes and fares.

Static will allow marketers to set dates by calendar date: departure date, return date, or range (Departure and return date).



will enable marketers to set dates on a rolling basis by indicating the number of dates for fares to be shown from today on; for example, showing the best fares for the next 90 days.


Coming Next!

Expose your network, position your vacation package business, and partner with hotels with airTRFX for Vacation Packages. Contact your Customer Success Manager to get airTRFX for vacation packages.  

Vacation Packages can be placed in all your airTRFX for Vacation Packages pages and Custom Pages. You can also place your Vacation Packages pricing airModules onto other pages, to do so please contact your Customer Success Manager
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