Increase Fare Data Completeness with FareNet + PROS FastSearch for all your routes!

Martina Ventura
September 19, 2023
2 min read

Discover our best-in-class fare-sourcing services with fast implementation and immediate applications.

FareNet collects fares from user searches in the airline’s Internet Booking Engine, which can be used on EveryMundo products for fare distribution and display. Sometimes, specific routes are not being searched due to seasonality or low demand, leaving some gaps in the Fare Data available. Integrating PROS FastSearch complements the data collected by FareNet so the airline can provide a complete data picture across the routes they are advertising, regardless of the search volume based on route demand. 

 Combining EveryMundo’s FareNet and PROS FastSearch improves fare delivery on all airTRFX pages and other EveryMundo products, enabling airline marketing teams to reach more customers through their digital channels by broadcasting real-time fares for their entire route network in their fare marketing. 


Maximum efficiency and performance for airlines:


  • Recycles real-time user searches for fare display and distribution through EveryMundo products to end users 

  • Enables dynamic route popularity based on real user searches within EveryMundo’s products, optimizing the display of relevant content to travelers 

PROS FastSearch: 

  • Complements fares collected with FareNet, especially low-searched routes, and markets affected by seasonality 
  • Data completeness in airModules (based on the availability of fares) 
  • Improves fare availability and network visibility 

How does it work? 

To ensure that all routes have fares available regardless of user search volume, EveryMundo integrates the PROS FastSearch API into the EveryMundo Platform and schedules a small number of calls to supplement the FareNet-collected fares. This combination with FareNet data increases the overall fare data available and enables all everyMundo products to display the best available fares for every origin, destination, or route combination. 

EveryMundo’s products display the lowest available fare for the most popular routes based on real user searches. If EveryMundo does not have an updated FareNet-collected fare for the route, and PROS FastSearch does, then the PROS FastSearch fare will be used, so the most recently stored fare is displayed

FastSearch-GIF (1).gif

Dynamic fare collection every day!


Main characteristics of the joint integration of FareNet + PROS FastSearch: 

  • Best-in-class fare sourcing with fast implementation and immediate applications 
  • Powers all EveryMundo products: airTRFX, airModules, airWire, and airSEM. 
  • Supports all cabin classes and branded fares 
  • Improved fare accuracy and availability by using two complementary sources of information: more content for SEO, better rankings in Google Search, and more traffic to the website. 

Below are examples of real-time fare visualizations powered by the integration of EveryMundo FareNet and PROS FastSearch: 

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 7.04.44 AM.png

Start using PROS FastSearch to take advantage of a complete fare data picture for all days, markets, and currencies. 

Contact your Customer Success Manager to request this product and start using PROS FastSearch. 

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