Finding the best travel day is now easier with the new Flights Search Panel + Fare Insights Feature

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Martina Ventura
July 11, 2023
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Travelers always look for the best deals on their next flight and often adjust their travel dates to get the lowest fare available. Now, airline marketers can display insights into the best fares across dates, by travel class, directly within the flight search panel to entice travelers to purchase. 

By leveraging Everymundo’s new Calendar Fare Insights feature within the Flight Search Panel, airlines can improve the shopping experience at the start of the user’s search for the best deals and help them find faster what they are looking for.

Meet the new Flight Search Panel + Calendar Fare Insights

The new Flight Search Panel + Calendar Fare Insights, which can be placed across all airTRFX pages, includes the option to add fare-related information across the calendar date picker. This new feature in the Flight Search Panel allows airlines to drive high-quality traffic to their booking engine while helping travelers select the best travel dates or their next destination based on their preferences and budget.

What is the Calendar Fare Insights feature?

The Calendar Fare Insights is the premium feature of the new Flight Search Panel airModule, which includes the option to add fare information within the calendar modal based on data availability. This feature lets airline marketing teams display the best fare options available by color-coding fare tiers to indicate insights on the lowest travel days over the next year. For example, an airline can showcase its fare tiers as $110+, $344+, and $577+. These tiers will display fares as LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH for the route specified over the next year.

Each tier is calculated by taking the lower and higher fares from all available future fares collected for the route selected and setting them in three groups (33% lowest fares into the lowest tier, the following 33% into the Medium, and the higher 33% into the high tier). The starting price of each tear is the one that will appear on the calendar. Each tier is calculated based on the selected route and next year’s available data.

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The main benefits of the Calendar Fare Insights feature:
  • Highlights dates based on low, medium, and high fare tiers for easy selection before proceeding to the booking process.
  • It has an easy-to-understand, intuitive, and user-friendly interface.
  • It’s personalized to the airline’s brand and aligns with the design of the airTRFX pages.
  • Compatible with Flexible Dates and Blackout Dates integrations.
  • Available on both small and large viewports.
  • Additional Low, Medium, and High indicators (dots) are displayed for accessibility compliance (CAAC 2.0)

Tiers are displayed in this premium calendar, calculated based on the traveler’s selected route, journey type, and travel class. This calendar feature can be adjusted to match your airline’s brand guidelines as defined on the EveryMundo Design System (EMDS).

Examples of the feature behavior based on different use cases of the user’s selection:


Start providing a better flight search experience.

Activating this new product is easy! Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more, or visit our Marketplace for additional details on the Flight Search Panel + Calendar Fare Insights.

This feature is supported on all airTRFX pages (Template pages and Custom pages) using the latest technology and the latest version of the Flight Search Panel. You can ask your Customer Success Manager if your current versions comply with this new premium feature.
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